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Digital Future finds the best leaders in the digital world. How? Using a focused network that spans multiple sectors as well as a precise process based on approaching top candidates directly.

Our process

In our executive search process, we place great emphasis on ensuring a true match on a people-to-people level. In our opinion, sustainable success can only be achieved in a culture of innovation, diversification and collaboration. A value system that characterizes our work as well as that of our candidates. Therefore, we work closely with our clients from the very first contact and internalize the culture of the company in order to represent it to the outside..


Authoring the job specification and defining the search strategy

In the first step, we get to know your company in a phone call and personal talk to gain an accurate impression of the culture and working environment. During these meetings, we work with you to create the job specification for the leadership position you are seeking to fill and examine the market for candidates with the desired qualifications.

Compiling a list of target companies and identifying candidates

After creating the job specification, we create a list of target companies to identify suitable candidates. In this rapidly growing and constantly evolving industry, we are exceptionally intent on remaining up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Our experience in the industry, our unique network and our know-how all help us achieve this. Once the list of target companies has been drawn up, we move on to the identification phase, in which we approach suitable candidates directly, follow up on recommendations and perform an intensive search using multiple channels and portals.

Contacting, interviewing and pre-selecting the candidates

Speed is essential to a successful executive search. We will present you with the first suitable candidates within 2 weeks. To ensure this, we rely on a combination of traditional communication channels including phone calls, emails and social networks, as well as modern tools and platforms. We then conduct an initial interview to get to know the candidate. In this interview, we explore the professional and personal characteristics, the general conditions as well as the motivation for changing jobs. Afterwards, the candidates are pre-selected and we decide who will be considered for a follow-up interview.

Conducting the second interview and presenting the candidates to the client

In the second interview we use a structured approach to delve into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and take a detailed look at the potential new employee’s motivation. If the candidate meets the requirements, we create a candidate profile, which we then present to you and explain in consultation.

Consulting during the process with the client and contractual negotiations

After presenting the candidates, we will advise you on the selection process to the extent you require. We serve as a confidential partner at eye level for clients and candidates, and accompany both parties beyond the signing of the contract.

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