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Is your company in the midst of digital transformation, but there is a lack of managers with digital know-how? We find the right candidates for you  — on a professional, cultural and personal level – who bring the digital expertise you need.

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Benefits for Corporations

Executive Search for Digital Innovation

The bigger the company, the greater the challenge of digital transformation. Deciding on new processes can take longer and implementation usually does not happen overnight. Therefore, companies need executives that can successfully lead teams through this transformation and come out successfully at the other end. We know that for this, executives need strong soft skills as much as they need digital expertise and know-how. Understanding your challenges and goals, we can find the perfect individuals for you, who can bring the growth and innovation you need.

Speed & Flexibility

We know the challenges of the market and quickly understand which executive has the right experience. We are also constantly informed about current trends and developments.

New Impetus

In our search strategy, we actively connect different ecosystems and draw new impulses from this for our clients. This provides a holistic view across all industries.

Full Market Access

Through our boutique setup, we have reduced the potential for conflict in the market to a minimum. We can therefore reach out to the best candidates for the selected roles across industries.

Our Process

Listen, advise, search — find the right fit!

In our executive search process, we place great emphasis on ensuring a true match on a people-to-people level. In our opinion, sustainable success can only be achieved in a culture of innovation, diversification and collaboration. A value system that characterises our work as well as that of our candidates. Our research is 100% in-house and works with a precise process outlined below.


Individual requirement profile and search strategy

The first step is to get to know each other in a personal conversation. For us, it's about getting as accurate an impression of your company and your requirements as possible. Because this is how we lay the foundation — and the requirement profile that we create together is based on this.


Market mapping and identification

Once the requirement profile has been met, we explore and analyse the market. After all, we must always be up to date with trends, technologies and challenges. This comprehensive view is important in order to find relevant candidates. In the subsequent search, we then use a variety of channels and portals.


Direct contact, interviews and pre-selection

When searching, we are both quick and meticulous. To do this, we use traditional communication channels such as telephone and emails as well as social networks and digital tools and platforms. We quickly invite potential candidates to an initial interview, during which we will examine them in detail. We decide who is eligible for a second interview.


Final audit of your manager

In the second interview, we address the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates in a structured manner and examine the motivation of potential new employees. In this phase, we also use digital assessments and AI tools. If everything is correct on our part, we create profiles of all candidates we have selected.


Presentation of candidates

After completing the qualification phase, we will present all selected candidates to you in a presentation — including all relevant information, of course. In a joint consultation, we evaluate the recommendations and make a selection with which we will continue the process and start direct discussions with you.


Client interview process support

We will advise you to the extent you require throughout the selection process — including coordinating appointments for interviews with clients and clients. It is important to us that we support both parties in a spirit of trust. To ensure a smooth process, we always keep you up to date with the progress of the project by means of written documentation.


Conclusion of contract and onboarding

Of course, we provide clients and candidates with reliable support even beyond the search process. We support you not only during the final selection process, but also during subsequent contract negotiations.

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