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Is your medium-sized company on a path toward digitalisation? Is your corporation in the process of developing its digital unit? Or is your innovative start-up on a high-growth trajectory and looking for the right leaders? If so, Digital Future is the right place for you.


Digital Future is a boutique consultancy that specialises in finding just the right leaders for successful digitalisation. We have already helped write many of our clients’ success stories based on our market insight and our experience across multiple sectors. Numerous best-practice examples form the foundation of our active consulting role.

Executive Search

Digital Future typically fills board, executive committee and management positions. We will also be happy to support you in your search for unit and department managers with digital expertise. Company management always serves as the client contact for executive search projects.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation opens up opportunities to bring people, data and processes together. As a result innovative and disruptive business models are emerging that fulfill new desires of our society.

3 months

The average placement time is 12 weeks.


In our selection process, we always ensure a diverse field of candidates.

Contact us for a non-binding consultation or to request a specific placement package that matches your job opening.
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