Managing Director for Tech Company

Managing Director for Tech Company

Digital Future was tasked with finding a Managing Director for an apps-focused tech company. Their mission is to build software with the capability to distribute ads to every mobile device on earth and they needed a new Managing Director, who could lead the brand games vertical to its next step.

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Managing Director

Search Strategy

Our search strategy for the company predominantly revolved around curating a target company list comprising previously established startups that had effectively navigated successful exits. Within this framework, our focus was primarily directed towards former founders and managing directors who showcased a robust B2B founder-led sales approach. We specifically honed in on individuals who demonstrated the ability to independently secure significant deals and exhibited a strong capacity for strategic thinking in their roles as founders and/or managing directors. Moreover, we placed a significant emphasis on their track record of driving substantial growth, particularly in the context of scaling efforts. The position reports directly to the two founders. 

Process & Successful Placement

A candidate map consisting of 17 top tier candidates was presented just four weeks after placing the search. Despite market turbulence and intense competition for exceptional talent, the company interviewed seven individuals, with two progressing to the final round. Digital Future's dedication to comprehending the client's distinct needs played a vital role in achieving the successful project completion, just three months after its initiation in collaboration with the company.