Chief Operating Officer for Luxury Consumer Company

Chief Operating Officer for Luxury Consumer Company

Digital Future was responsible for filling a top-class position as Chief Operating Officer Executive, to lead the end-to-end Operations of our client, one of the most innovative companies and market leader for high-end design lighting. The scope of the COO covers R&D, Procurement, Production, Quality, Supply Chain and Service Divisions. One of the key challenges was to take part in the ongoing internationalisation of the Company business (mid-sized German company), by shaping and managing the right company operations and processes.

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Chief Operating Officer


We conducted a thorough analysis of the market to understand the dynamics within our client’s industry and identified companies with similar complex operations. Our internal database was instrumental in this project, providing a match with a proven leader from within our own ranks. The process included initial screenings, comprehensive interviews, and meticulous reference checks to ensure the candidate's experience and leadership style aligned with the client’s requirements. We facilitated a seamless negotiation to secure a competitive offer, followed by onboarding support to integrate the COO into her new role efficiently.


The search was particularly challenging, as the position requires an engineering education, a high-end manufacturing background as well as a sound supply chain management track record in combination with extensive management responsibility.

Successful Placement

The search culminated in the successful placement of a candidate from Digital Future's exclusive network. The selected profile had an exemplary track record and the specialized skills to drive the client's international growth. Her strategic approach to managing operations across R&D, procurement, and supply chain has been critical in maintaining our client’s status as a leader in the high-end design lighting industry. This placement reflects Digital Future's commitment to leveraging our own resources to fulfill our client's executive needs promptly and proficiently.